Zimbabwe PAYE Tax Calculator

Calcuate Your Zimbabwean PAYE Tax Liability for 2020

Note: This calculator may not reflect your acctual tax liability as it does not factor in various deductions and credits you may be entitled to. Consult with a tax professional for more accurate information.
Pay Period

How Is The Tax Calculated

In line with the note, I'm using a simplified version of the how ZIMRE calculates PAYE taxes:

  1. Find your gross_income

  2. Find the tax bracket your gross income falls in for the specified period, that is between the lower and upper value, and note the rate and deduct.

  3. Calculate your pre-levy liability by multiplying your gross income by the rate and subtract the product by the deduct value. You should end up with this formula:

    pre-levy liability = (gross income × rate) − deduct

  4. Multiply the pre-levy liability by the aids levy rate (currently at 3%) to get the aids levy

  5. Add the aids levy to the pre-tax liability to get the tax liability.